Giorgio Zucco Releases New Csound5 Book

Giorgio Zucco Releases New Csound5 Book

Hello Csounders,

A new Csound5 book has been released by Giorgio Zucco entitled, ‘Sintesi digitale del suono: Laboratorio pratico di Csound’, that covers many useful topics and current uses of Csound in the synthesis and processing of digital audio.

—From the foreword by Dr. Richard Boulanger:

Without compare, Giorgio Zucco is one of the finest Csounders in the world. He is a supreme master of the highest degree. He is a true “sound designer” – a skill and ability that is, in fact, quite rare in our “music industry”, all chock-full with “samplers”, “remixers”, and “mashup-artists”. Giorgio Zucco has “golden ears”, and over the years he has produced an amazing “collection” of exquisite Csound instruments to prove it. I am quite confident that he could tame any machine, and make her sing the sweetest lovesongs; but what he has done instead, is to dedicate his life to the creation of some of the most beautiful, elegant, powerful, engaging, evolving, mysterious, rawcous, raw, intense, and tender musical timbres ever created in Csound.


About the Book:

Introduction to computer music, the novelty of the language Csound5, real time, envelopes, tremolo, vibrato, spatial, generative processes, control MIDI, OSC, additive synthesis, subtractive, FM, granular synthesis, physical modeling, synthesis scanned, the signal processors, construction of graphical user interfaces, integration in Max / MSP and Ableton Live, VST plugin development and much more. (In the book the author provides all the examples in the .csd format. Write to The samples will be sent by e-mail.)

About the Author:

Giorgio Zucco was born in Turin in 1977, graduated in composition, orchestration, electronic music at the Conservatorio “G. Verdi” in Turin, and modern guitar at the CPM of Milan. He attended a course of improvisation with Mark White and Jim Kelly of the Berklee College at Umbria Jazz. An award winning composer in various national competitions, he has carried out research in Csound and published articles in the “Csound Journal.” He works in the field of multimedia making music for commercials, documentaries and short films for RAI and LA7. From 2008 to 2012 he was assistant to support multimedia and computer music at the Conservatorio “G. Verdi” in Turin. In 2011 he was selected by the Venice Biennale to participate in the workshop with Ircam’s Emmanuel Jourdan, Grégoire Lorieux and Yan Maresz. He currently works as a sound designer for Audivation where he has created and released commercially a collection of instrument and effect plugin for Ableton Live, as part of the CsoundForLive project.