Csound 6.04 Released

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CSOUND VERSION 6.04 @ http://csound.github.io

Click HERE to download.


This new version has many extensions and fixes; many new opcodes

and significant numbers of internal reworking.  There is a new
frontend and iOS and Android version have seen many improvements.

As ever we track bugs and requests for enhancements via the github
issues system.  Already proposals for the next release are being
made but the volume of changes require a release now.

The Developers


New opcodes:
o    pinker generates high quality pink noise

o    power opcode ^ now works with array arguments

o    exciter opcode, modelled on the calf plugin
o    vactrol opcode simulate an analog envelope follower

o    family of hdf5 opcodes to handle hdf5 format files

o    (experimental undocumented) buchla opcode models the lowgate
filter of Buchla

o    New k-rate opcodes acting on arrays:
–  transforms: rfft, rifft, fft, fftinv
–  complex product: complxprod
–  polar – rectangular conversion: rect2pol, pol2rect, mags, phs,
–  real – complex: r2c, c2r
–  windowing: window
–  cepstrum: pvsceps, iceps, ceps
–  column / row access: getrow, getcol, setrow, setcol
–  a-rate data – k-array copy: shiftin, shiftout
–  phase unwraping: unwrap

New Gen and Macros:


o    Line numbers corrected in instr statements

o    New control operation, while, for looping

o    A long-standing bug with macros which use the same name for an
argument has been corrected

o    Redefinition of an instrument in a single call to compile is
flagged as an error

o    ID3 header skip for mp3 files now properly implemented.

o    Errors induced by not defining the location of STK’s raw wave
files has been removed

o    bug fixed where UDO’s could not read strings from pfields

o    bug fixed which hid tb opcodes at i-rate

o    Attempts to use two OSClisteners with the same port is now
trapped rather than give a segmentation fault


Modified Opcodes and Gens:

o    stackops opcodes deprecated

o    lenarray extended to handle multi-dimensional arrays

o    ftgenonce accepts string arguments correctly and multiple
string arguments

o    max and min now have initialisation-time versions

o    gen23 improved regarding comments and reporting problems

o    in OSCsend the port is now a k-rate value

o    socksend now works at k-rate

o    a number of envelope-generating opcodes are now correct in
sample-accurate mode

o    faust compilation is now lock-protected

o    mp3 fixed to allow reinit to be used with it.

o    In remote opcode the name of the network can be set via the
environment variable CS_NETWORK.  Defaults to en0 (OSX) or

o    invalue, outvalue are available at i-rate as well as k-rate



New frontend icsound is now ready for general use.  icsound is a
python interface for interactive work in the ipython notebook.



A number of changes and improvements have been made, like
stepping through active instruments, better line number use

General usage:

Jack module now does not stop Csound if autoconnect fails

Bugs fixed:

o    atsinnoi fixed

o    ftsavek fixed

o    sprintf fixed

o    gen27 fixed, especially with extended arguments, as well as
fixed a number of errors in extended score arguments.

o    Physem opcodes (guiro cabasa, sekere) fixed so second call

o    flooper fixed in mode 2

o    OSCsend multiple fixes

o    UDO fix for case of local ksmps of 1

o    More changes/fixes to dssi code

o    xscanu and scanu fixed

o    temposcal and mincer fixed

o    crash in ftload fixed


System changes:

o    In server mode exit is now clean

o    Fixes to rtalsa module

o    Pulseaudio rt module fixes

o    Fix to remove fluidEngine entries for csound instance
(prevents crash on moduleDestroy)

o    Opcodes called through function calls that returned arrays
did not correctly synthesize args as array types due to not
converting the arg specifier to the internal format

o    fixed crashing issue during note initialization for tied
notes due to goto skipping over code

o    fixed incorrect initialization of pfields when note’s pfields
length were less than instrument expected (off-by-one)

Internal changes:

* Added Runtime Type Identification for instrument variables;
removed use of XINCODE/XOUTCO

* fix malloc length in negative number parsing, and improved
handling of negative numbers

* writing to circularBuffer is now atomic

* a number of memory leaks and potential dangerous code have been

* type-inference has been extensively reworked, as have a few
parsing areas

* Added API function for retrieving GEN parameters used for
creating a table

Platform Specific


* API Refactored for clearer method names and abstraction names (i.e.
CsoundBinding instead of CsoundValueCacheable)
* Updated to remove deprecated code
* A significant amount of reworking has been done on the code

* API Refactored for clearer method names and abstraction names (i.e.
CsoundBinding instead of CsoundValueCacheable)
* Changes to enable HTML 5 with JavaScript and it is to be hoped WebGL
in the Csound6 Android app.
* Enabled change of screen orientation in the Csound6 app without
forcing a restart of the app.
* Enabled local storage (useful for saving and restoring widget
values, etc.).


* fixed pointer arithmetic that caused crashing on Windows

*  pyexec changed to use python’s file opening functions to prevent crash on


* CsoundAC now compiles


* threadlocks bug fix on linux.