- A Brief History of Computer Music by Stephen Kuehnl
– Recontextualizing Ambient Music in Csound by Kim Cascone.
One Laptop Per Child
- The Operation of the Phase Vocoder: A non-mathematical introduction to the Fast Fourier Transform by Richard Dobson
The Mobile Csound Platform
- Building Cecilia Modules for Audio Processing & Sound Design by Pontus H.W. Gunve
Using Csound for Sonification by David Rossiter
Control of Spatialization and Spatial Sound Synthesis by the Music Representations Team and CIRMMT (Montreal, Canada)
Sound Resampling
- Csound & Houdini
Harmonic Fluids by Zheng & James [Cornell University]
The Projection of Sound in Three-Dimensional Space by Gerald Bennett, Peter Färber, Philippe Kocher, Johannes Schütt [Hochschule für Musik und Theater Winterthur Züric]


- Csound on iOS
Csound API by Roy Walsh
- iOS for Csound (Beginner’s Guide) by Neate, Arner & Richardson [University of York]


- Csound for Android by Victor Lazzarini & Steven Yi


- Python in Music