- A Brief History of Computer Music by Stephen Kuehnl
Recontextualizing Ambient Music in Csound by Kim Cascone.
- One Laptop Per Child
- The Operation of the Phase Vocoder: A non-mathematical introduction to the Fast Fourier Transform by Richard Dobson
- The Mobile Csound Platform
- Building Cecilia Modules for Audio Processing & Sound Design by Pontus H.W. Gunve
- Using Csound for Sonification by David Rossiter
- Control of Spatialization and Spatial Sound Synthesis by the Music Representations Team and CIRMMT (Montreal, Canada)
- Sound Resampling
- Csound & Houdini
Harmonic Fluids by Zheng & James [Cornell University]
- The Projection of Sound in Three-Dimensional Space by Gerald Bennett, Peter Färber, Philippe Kocher, Johannes Schütt [Hochschule für Musik und Theater Winterthur Züric]


- Csound on iOS
- Csound API by Roy Walsh
- iOS for Csound (Beginner’s Guide) by Neate, Arner & Richardson [University of York]


- Csound for Android by Victor Lazzarini & Steven Yi


- Python in Music