Introductory Tutorials

– Beginner Tutorials (also in Russian): An Instrument Design TOOTorial by Dr. Richard Boulanger.
– Chapter 1 from The Csound Book: The complete first chapter from The Csound Book, by Dr. Richard Boulanger.
– A Beginning Tutorial by Barry Vercoe.

Mastering Csound

– Mastering Csound (also in Russian): A collection of intermediate and advanced tootorials by Dr. Richard Boulanger.

Csound Techniques

– Csound Realtime Examples: A great collection from Iain McCurdy.
– Exploring Analogue Synth Techniques v2 by Jacob Joaquin.
– FOF Synthesis Tutorial by J. M. Clarke.
– Working with Scanned Synthesis: Steven Yi’s Scanned Synthesis tutorial.
– Scanned Synthesis Tutorial by Dr. Richard Boulanger.

Other Languages

– Csound 4 Tutorial (Portuguese) (pdf)
– QuteCsound: Getting started.. (English/German)