User-Defined Opcode Database

This is a repository of User-Defined Opcodes for the Csound music synthesis software. User-Defined Opcodes are opcodes for Csound created using Csound orchestra text. More information about User-Defined Opcodes can be found here.  This database was edited by Steven Yi.

Csound Frontends

AthenaCL – “An object-oriented, Python-scriptable algorithmic front-end to Csound”, by Christopher Ariza (Python, all platforms).
Blue – The graphical sequencing composition environment for Csound, created by Steven Yi (Java, all platforms)
Bol Processor – Bol Processor 2 (BP2) is a program by Bernard Bel for music composition and improvisation with real-time MIDI, with MIDI file, Csound, and text output options.
Cabbage – Cabbage is a program by Rory Walsh for creating cross platform Csound based audio plugins.
Cabel – Cabel, by Sebastian Gutsfeld and Matthias Thar, is a graphical user interface for building Csound instruments by patching modules similar to modular synthesizer.
Cecilia – Cecilia is a graphic user interface for the sound synthesis and sound processing package Csound.
Ceres – Create a Csound score from granulation of soundfile.
CMask – A stochastic score generation tool for Csound by Andre Bartetzki, ported to Mac OS X by Anthony Kozar.
Cornbucket – A Csound score generator that creates “clouds” of sonic grains, by Tom Erbe, ported to Mac OS X by Anthony Kozar.
CSFE– A Tcl/Tk Csound front-end from Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu
Common Music (also includes Grace and Grace CL) – Common Music (CM) is a music composition environment that can be programmed in Scheme and SAL (an easy-to-learn, expressive infix language).
HPKComposer – A GUI tool for building sound compositions, and for building 3D worlds where graphical object evolutions can follow those of the sounds.
Meloncillo – Java-based GUI front-end for audio synthesis server software with spatialization controls.
NetCsound– An on-line rendering service for Csound CSD files.
Rationale – A sequencer specialized for extended just intonation tuning systems. Rationale does not use scales, only collections of notes related by frequency ratio, infinitely transposable. Any rational frequency ratio can be an interval, but no tempered tunings.
WinXound – An open source editor for CSound* and CSoundAV** developed by Stefano Bonetti.

Csound Integration

csound~ – A Max/MSP external to run Csound5, originally created by Matt Ingalls, and updated by Davis Pyon for Max/MSP 5, 6, and 6.1.
csound-x.el – Csound-x is a set of editing modes and libraries intended to compose music for Csound without leaving Emacs.
Csound Syntax for Vi – A very cool set of definitions for Vi/Vim, from Luis Jure
Houdini/Csound – Malte Steiner’s editor for hetro analysis files, now available in a Java version.
Hydraj – Houdini Csound exporter.
Jcsound – A JACK wrapper for Csound, from Gerard van Dongen.
PMask – Python implementation of CMask.
Psycops – Psycops is a python library to aid in the creation of csound scores.
PVTools – Csound Phase Vocoder and Ambisonic/Stereo Spatialisation Utilities.
Scheme Score – Transform Csound score files using Scheme.
Score11 – A Csound score file preprocessor from Allan Schindler.