Blue 2.5.8 by Steven Yi

[announce] – Blue 2.5.8

Posted by Steven Yi on Jan 16, 2014; 2:36pm
URL: All,I’ve posted a new version of Blue available at:

ChangeLog is listed below.



>Notes for 2.5.8<
[release 2014.01.16]


* RFE #127: Added sub-menu to text editor popups for orc editing for “Blue
Opcodes” that has entries for “blueMixerOut”, “blueMixerOut (SubChannel)”, and

* RFE #88: BlueSynthBuilder: added new grid settings to set grid width, height,
style (None, Dot, Line), and snap enabled. For projects before 2.5.8, older
behavior is preserved and will default to style None and snap disabled.

* Examples:

* soundsObjects/, soundsObjects/
Example of using nGen from Blue (contributed by Menno Knevel)

* Updated AthenaCL examples in soundObjects folder
(contributed by Menno Knevel)


* BlueSynthBuilder: small optimization: if last object that was being edited is
the same as the one being requested to edit, don’t bother clearing the

* BlueSynthBuilder: Added use of Backspace to delete items in addition the
previous delete key option


* Bug #92: Fixed setting of note pitch value to before setting of start time
when updating note values on mouse release

* BlueSynthBuilder: On Mac OSX, made paste shortcut use cmd-click instead of
ctrl-click, as ctrl-click is used by the OS as an alias for right-clicking


* BlueSynthBuilder: Added information about Grid Settings, always-on instrument
code, updated images

* JMask: updated screenshots, added information about editing field names

* Added some basic information about the Code Editor to new “Code Editor”
section under “Tools”