A Rapid Interface Builder for Csound

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Rory Walsh spent a few days hacking an open source framework called
Rapid Interface Builder for Csound. He modified the original project
so that one can now build and bundle Csound packages directly. The
idea here is that you write a Csound instrument and then design web
page around it. When you have finished designing your page you hit export
and RIBCsound will export a complete .zip file containing everything
need to run the Csound enabled site/web-app.

You can find a video demo here:

And you can try it out here:

And you can fork the code from here:

He has provided support for sliders, or ‘range’ widgets for now, but
adding support for other GUI widgets shouldn’t be so tricky. Please
fork it and notify Rory Walsh of any changes. The RIB app seems to be really
well put together and he thinks it could provide a really solid chassis
for a community driven web-enabled Csound IDE (perhaps we could call it
CsChromizone!) . I can see lots of potential here for sharing
instruments, adding modules, etc. Let me know what you think.  Rory Walsh