Csound in MacVim

A package for using Csound in macvim. It’s largely based on modifications of Luis Jure’s vimtools as well as some 3rd paty plug-ins and some scripts. To install, just unzip the downloaded file, change dotvimrc to ~/.vimrc and dotvim directory to ~/.vim
If you already use macvim and have installed any plug-ins before, then I’d advice you to back up your .vimrc file and .vim directory before following the above steps. Or else merge them, if you know what you’re doing.
The included features are:
– Running csound inside an interactive terminal
– Autocomplete opcodes
The shortcuts are:
alt+\ to open the interactive terminal (using the ‘screen’ plug-in)
alt+c to render csd inside this terminal window
alt+x stop render
alt+d open the manual page for the opcode name under the curser
alt+h open the index page of the manual
shift+alt+c comment out the selected lines
shift+alt+x uncomment the selected lines
(Obviously these can be changed.)
I haven’t got autocomplete for many opcodes yet but I’m working on the file. Basically, to use this feature type something like:
oscil[press the tab key]
…and press the tab key again for the cursor to jump to the next input variable of the opcode.
Let me know if you require any more info.