The 2nd International Csound Conference

The conference will feature compositions and performances by the leading figures in computer music; and demos, workshops, seminars, and master-classes by the leading innovators and visionaries in software synthesis, signal processing, algorithmic composition, interactive audio, and embedded systems design and solutions.

Join these Computer Music Pioneers and Living Legends:
– John Chowning (the inventor of FM synthesis),
– Jean-Claude Risset (the inventor of WaveShaping synthesis)
– Barry Vercoe (CoFounder of the MIT Media Lab and The father of Csound!)
– Richard Boulanger (Editor and Author of The Csound and Audio Programming Books)
– Tom Oberheim (co-designer of The Mathews Radio Baton)
– David Zicarelli (the programmer of ‘Max’)
 In addition to the inspiring music, the magical interactive installations, and the truly enlightening tutorials and workshops, there will be a very special Tribute Concert in Memory of Max Mathews – the father of computer music, and a lifelong friend and collaborator with Chowning, Risset, Vercoe and Boulanger.  This concert will feature a performance of Boulanger’s “Remembering You” for The Mathews Radio Baton and Cello –  with Boyd Mathews on Cello.  Also on the schedule is a performance of Barry Vercoe’s masterpiece – Synapse for Viola and Computer, performed by Marcus Thompson, for whom the work was written, followed by the world premiere of Synapse ReMixed by Scotty Vercoe and Richard Boulanger.

Csound Conference 2013 Schedule

Registration is limited. Don’t miss this historic gathering @ Berklee.