Csound for iOS

Csound for iOS

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Click HERE to download the Xcode project and documentation.

The Csound for iOS library is distributed as a Zip release from the Csound Sourceforge page. The Zip archive includes:

  • Statically compiled libcsound.a and libsndfile.a, compiled as universal binaries for armv6, armv7, and i386 CPU architectures (to work with both iOS devices and simulators)
  • C Headers for the Csound C API
  • Objective-C CsoundObj API source
  • Documentation




cs4dev – Csound for Developers – by Alessandro Petrolati

Csound For Developers is an extension of ”Csound for iOS” by Steven Yi and Victor Lazzarini. cs4dev is based on “The Amazing Audio Engine” and supports AudioBus and Inter-App-Audio.

This project is for the iOS developers and aim the Csound integration for Audio apps.

Download xCode project here: