Csound Catalog

The Csound Catalog with Audio CD-ROM Edited by Richard Boulanger

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Catalog Features

  • HTML CD-ROM with Over 3500 Csound Instruments and their corresponding Audio.

[Standardized Layout, All Consistently Alligned, Clearly Commented and Fully Working!!!]

  • MP3 Compressed Audio Rendering of all Orchestras and Scores.

[For convenient access and immediate audition]

  • The Csound 4.10 HTML Reference Manual and Tutorials.
  • Dr. Boulanger’s 75 page “Intro to Sound Design” Tutorial. (The complete first chapter from “The Csound Book”).

[Linked to the Manual and Instrument Libraries]

  • Over 100 Meg of 44.1K Samples and Impulses.
  • Current Executable Versions of The Csound Program for: MacPPC/Linux/Windows/DirectX/BeOS