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Preface to the OLPCsound Manual
Getting Started with Csound
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Preface to the OLPCsound Manual

Welcome to the OLPCsound manual.

Csound is a programmable computer music system. It was originally written by Barry Vercoe at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1984 in the C programming language, based on earlier systems like Music IV by Max Mathews. Since then, Csound has received numerous contributions from researchers, programmers, and musicians from around the world, and is still being actively developed by a group of passionate programmers.

Csound runs on many different computer platforms including Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. OLPCsound is the name of the special version of Csound optimized for the XO laptop built by the OLPC Foundation.

This manual is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Csound and OLPCsound are released under the GNU Lesser Public License.