Toot 3

Although in the second instrument we could control and vary the overall amplitude from note to note, it would be more musical if we could contour the loudness during the course of each note. To do this we'll need to employ an additional opcode linen, which is used as follows:

      kr linen kamp, irise, idur, idec

      ar linen xamp, irise, idur, idec

linen produces a set of values which go linearly from 0 to kamp in the time (in seconds) specified by irise. It will stay there for some time and then it will return to 0 again taking idec time. The output of linen (k1) is patched into the kamp argument of an oscil. This applies an envelope to the oscil. The csd appears in file toot3.csd.

[Envelope generated by the linen opcode]

Envelope generated by the linen opcode


          instr 3                       ; p3=duration of note

k1        linen     p4, p6, p3, p7      ; p4=amp

a1        oscil     k1, p5, 1           ; p5=freq

          out       a1                  ; p6=attack time



f1   0    4096 10 1      ; sine wave

;ins strt dur  amp(p4)   freq(p5)  attack(p6)     release(p7)

i3   0    1    10000     440       0.5            0.7

i3   1.5  1    10000     440       0.9            0.1

i3   3    1    5000      880       0.02           0.99

i3   4.5  1    5000      880       0.7            0.01

i3   6    2    20000     220       0.5            0.5