Csound 4.24.1 is a major new version, with a new API, Csound shared library, dynamically loaded opcodes and real-time audio modules, many new opcodes, experimental binaries using the SSE instruction set, and bug fixes. More details, and packages to download are available on this page.
Warning: this is not the canonical Csound distribution by John ffitch.

A new version of the "unofficial" Csound distribution (4.24.0) has been released, with the usual packages (sources, Win32 and Linux binaries, documentation, and patch against the previous version). There are no new opcodes, but many bug fixes and other changes.
A summary of all differences compared to canonical Csound version 4.23, with manuals and examples for new opcodes and utilities, can be read here.

Another bug-fix release of Csound ( is available. Three new utilities (csb64enc, makecsd, and cs) are also included.

Csound is a collection of bug fixes, and a new feature that allows selecting delay line for deltap opcodes in case of nested delayr / delayw pairs.

Csound 4.23.4 (unofficial version) is now available (download from here, or the archive). The documentation package and VIM files (now with opcode help using the Alternative Csound Reference Manual version 4.22-1) are also updated.
Some highlights of the changes in this version:
[+] Language changes:
[+] 32767 k-periods limit on release time (xtratim) was removed.
[+] New command line option (--expression-opt) that turns on some optimizations in expressions.
[+] Beat mode (-t n command line option) is closer to fully working, but still not perfect.
[+] Turnoff / release / MIDI note off code revised.
[+] Bug fixes:
[+] max_k in average mode has been fixed.
[+] Syntax errors in lines that have a ';' comment are now printed correctly.
[+] Minor bug in setksmps has been fixed.
[+] --hardwarebufsamps=N option now sets the hardware buffer size correctly.
[+] Audio device selection under Win32 should be fixed (bug reported by Josep M Comajuncosas).
[+] Fixes in various opcodes related to use with local ksmps.
[+] Compile errors in widgets.cpp reported by Steven Yi have been fixed.
[+] Misc. changes:
[+] New Win32 real-time audio code, with some new options, as well as variable number of buffers.
[+] Usage message under Win32 is now printed to stdout instead of stderr.
[+] New opcodes:
[+] FLsetVal, ftlen2(), tab_i, and tabw_i.

Csound 4.23.3 "unofficial" version can be downloaded from the archive and this page. New in this version: many bug fixes, new opcodes (some from CsoundAV), a separate documentation package, and the VIM syntax files now support CSD files in addition to orchestra and score.

Csound 4.23.2 is now available here. Changes - compared to 4.23.1 - include:
[+] Bugs in vco PWM and triangle mode are fixed. Also, amplitude of PWM wave was corrected, and triangle amplitude depends much less on pulse width.
[+] massign can "mute" MIDI channels by assigning to zero or negative instrument number. Useful when midiin opcode is used to parse MIDI events.
[+] bqrez opcode updated to new version from Matt Gerassimoff, also fixed some bugs.
[+] Named instruments can be invoked as opcodes, as requested by Matt J. Ingalls, using subinstr-like syntax.
[+] Incorporated new printf opcodes from Matt Ingalls. The new version of printks is currently named sprintks in order to avoid breaking the original printks, until the new code is fully tested.
[+] schedule now supports named instruments.
[+] sfont opcodes synchronized with jpff 4.23 version.
[+] Crashes in (some) utilities have been fixed - still needs to be fully cleaned up.
[+] New opcodes: denorm, delayk, vdelayk, and more.
[+] Internal opcode names like oscil_kk, peak_k, oscilikt_aa, etc. have been all renamed to use a dot instead (thus oscil_kk is now oscil.kk, for example). This avoids conflicts with normal opcode names like FLpanel_end.
[+] Many (mostly minor) internal code changes.

New Csound release (4.22.5), with improved real-time audio support and other features. Sources (with documentation), Linux and Win32 binaries, patches, and VIM syntax files can be downloaded from here. Changes in other versions (4.22.3,, and 4.22.4) are also documented.

Csound 4.22.2 is available (check this page for more details).

Improved vco2 opcodes (it is possible to use user defined waveforms, and also the number and size of tables can be controlled) in Csound 4.21.6 - source (with documentation), and binaries are available at the patches page.

As there are some new opcodes (including vco2), a new Csound version (4.21.5) is available now; it also includes optimizations and other changes. More details can be found here, as well as the updated files in the archive.

Csound 4.21.4 is intended to be the final version of the "unofficial" patches for canonical version 4.21 (the next patch will be most likely released only for 4.22). The only change compared to 4.21.3 is optimizations in user defined opcodes (I/O is a lot faster now), and a minor bug fix. As usual, patches, complete sources, and Linux x86 binaries can be downloaded from this page.
The VIM syntax package is not modified, as there are neither new opcodes, nor syntax changes.

Updated Csound patches, sources, binaries, and VIM syntax files are available for version 4.21.3.

Csound 4.21.2 sources and binaries are available.
[+] Updated VIM syntax files for 4.21.

Csound 4.21.1 is the first patch to the canonical 4.21 version. Currently only the sources are available in the archive, and some documentation in this package. This version is a beta release, so expect 4.21.2 with bug fixes and binary packages soon.
Changes in 4.21.1 include:
[+] Incorporated widget opcodes and other changes from 4.20.5.
[+] Fixed bugs in soundio.c, main.c, opcode.c, and other files.
[+] Rewritten most of the sub-instrument code, new opcodes xin and xout, and new local ksmps feature.

Csound 4.20.5 fixes some bugs in widgets code (also in opcode.c), and there are two new opcodes. The VIM syntax files are also updated.

A new Csound version (4.20.4) is available with FLTK widgets, three new opcodes (oscilikt, osciliktp, and oscilikts), and some bug fixes and optimizations.
[+] New vim syntax files with updated opcode list.

Added a zip file containing all instruments with include files and samples.

Many new instruments and samples.
[+] Patch to fix Csound 4.20 bug related to missing ksmps.

Updated vim syntax files for Csound 4.20.
[+] New Csound patch that fixes some bugs in sound I/O and MIDI, and improves printing of maxamp messages.
[+] New MIDI-based mixer package.

Added new Csound syntax files for vim (also includes a script that generates opcode list for newer Csound versions), a new macro package, and patches with many MIDI related bug fixes, and two new opcodes.

New patch that fixes tablexkt bug.

Updated archive (new UHJ macro that uses FIR filters for phase shifting), and there are new, optimized Csound executables to downoload from here.

Updated Csound patches (GEN30 bug fix and new option), and there are also new (Linux x86 dynamic, Linux x86 static, DOS) binary packages to download.
New keyboard and controller utilities for real-time control.

New page with Csound patches and binaries added. Updated drums (new instruments) and archive page.

Csound 4.19 beta with new GEN routines can be downloaded from this page.

Updated drums page (new cymbal and hi-hat).

Added new drum instruments, including cymbals and hi-hats, hand clap, rim shot, tom, snare, and bass drums.

All pages use new style now.

New opening page with redesigned style. Also updated links page.

Started page. Uploaded archive, utilities (with some documentation), and links. New files in archive.

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