These instruments use the include files available in the archive (note: see also this page). It is also recommended to install resample and maximizer. If all the necessary tools are installed (make, bash, etc.), the instruments can be compiled by simply running make.

[+] bd.tar.gz

A collection of bass drums.

[+] drums.tar.gz (requires Csound 4.18 or later)

Contains hand clap, snare, tom, rim shot, and various cymbal, and hi-hat instruments. The samples used by the cymbals and hats can be generated with the following commands (resample utility is required; it may be possible to use srconv, however the current version does not work correctly):

csound -d -f -J -o tmp.sf cym_sample.orc cym_sample-crash.sco
snd_resample -v -q256 -F 4.0 -i tmp.sf -o cym_sample-crash.pcm
csound -d -f -J -o tmp.sf cym_sample.orc cym_sample-hihat1.sco
snd_resample -v -q256 -F 4.0 -i tmp.sf -o cym_sample-hihat1.pcm
csound -d -f -J -o tmp.sf cym_sample.orc cym_sample-hihat2.sco
snd_resample -v -q256 -F 4.0 -i tmp.sf -o cym_sample-hihat2.pcm
csound -d -f -J -o tmp.sf cym_sample.orc cym_sample-ride1.sco
snd_resample -v -q256 -F 4.0 -i tmp.sf -o cym_sample-ride1.pcm
csound -d -f -J -o tmp.sf cym_sample.orc cym_sample-ride2.sco
snd_resample -v -q256 -F 4.0 -i tmp.sf -o cym_sample-ride2.pcm
csound -d -f -J -o tmp.sf cym_sample.orc cym_sample-crash2.sco
snd_resample -v -q256 -F 4.0 -i tmp.sf -o cym_sample-crash2.pcm
csound -d -f -J -o tmp.sf cym_sample.orc cym_sample-hihat1a.sco
snd_resample -v -q256 -F 4.0 -i tmp.sf -o cym_sample-hihat1a.pcm

If resample is not available, the sample files can be rendered by setting the sample rate in cym_sample.orc to 192000 Hz, and running these commands (this is considerably slower to compile):

csound -d -f -h -o cym_sample-crash.pcm cym_sample.orc cym_sample-crash.sco
csound -d -f -h -o cym_sample-hihat1.pcm cym_sample.orc cym_sample-hihat1.sco
csound -d -f -h -o cym_sample-hihat2.pcm cym_sample.orc cym_sample-hihat2.sco
csound -d -f -h -o cym_sample-ride1.pcm cym_sample.orc cym_sample-ride1.sco
csound -d -f -h -o cym_sample-ride2.pcm cym_sample.orc cym_sample-ride2.sco
csound -d -f -h -o cym_sample-crash2.pcm cym_sample.orc cym_sample-crash2.sco
csound -d -f -h -o cym_sample-hihat1a.pcm cym_sample.orc cym_sample-hihat1a.sco

[+] drums2.tar.gz (requires Csound 4.19 or later)

A new, improved drum collection, with many new instruments, including TR-808 bass drum, cymbal, and hats, tambourine, and more. It is recommended to try this package instead of the older drums.tar.gz if you have a recent Csound version (see also this page). Also, these instruments do not use external include files from other packages, and are easier to compile.
Note: there may be an error when using Csound 4.20; this can be fixed by adding the missing ksmps definition to drums.orc (ksmps = 48).

Without reverb, compilation can be done with a single command:

csound -d -m7 -H1 -s -W -o drums.wav drums.orc drums.sco

To get reverb, a few more commands are needed:

csound -d -m7 -H1 -f -J -o cvgen.sf cvgen.orc cvgen.sco
csound -U cvanal cvgen.sf reverb.cv
csound -d -m7 -H1 -f -J -o drums.sf drums.orc drums.sco
csound -d -m7 -H1 -s -W -o drums.wav reverb.orc reverb.sco

If all the required tools are installed, it is possible to render with reverb and limiter (the output sample is available for download in Vorbis format) by simply running:

make rvb_l.wav


Some samples of the instruments can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

[+] drums.ogg (664675 bytes)

[+] drum_08.ogg (6846 bytes)
[+] clap1.ogg (15866 bytes)
[+] crash.ogg (26540 bytes)
[+] crash2.ogg (25862 bytes)
[+] hihat1.ogg (26301 bytes)
[+] hihat1a.ogg (26631 bytes)
[+] hihat2.ogg (25130 bytes)
[+] ride1.ogg (15392 bytes)
[+] ride2.ogg (15783 bytes)
[+] rimshot.ogg (49631 bytes)
[+] snare1.ogg (19643 bytes)
[+] tom.ogg (21126 bytes)

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