Instrument collection #1

IMPORTANT - before downloading these instruments, read this page for the macros and samples needed for compilation. Also, it is recommended to use the latest version of Csound (preferably with patches from here).

[+] bassline.tar.gz (4929 bytes)

Simple 303-like bass lines, both score and MIDI controlled.

[+] tekbass1.tar.gz (5444 bytes)

6 basses and 3 bass drums.

[+] instr1.tar.gz (9796 bytes)

Contains a crash cymbal, a simple waveguide instrument, synth strings and voice, some synth sounds based on granular synthesis and banks of detuned sawtooth oscillators, as well as a generic sample based percussion instrument.
There are 5 MIDI and 4 score instruments.

[+] instr2.tar.gz (5726 bytes)

More synth voices and strings, and a MIDI controlled synth instrument.

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