Analog Synthesis

Waveguide Physical Modeling

Tone Wheel Organ with Rotating speaker effect

TB303 with Sequencer

Combo Organ

Fractal Chaos

Parametric Equation Instruments

Some simple FOF & Granular Instruments

3D Sound & Sound Effects

Multi-effects Processor

A Csound Halloween

Happy Halloween Csounders! hallown.orc hallown.sco

Valentines Day

A romantic song. valentine.orc valentine.sco

New Age

A flute riff based on a pretty good waveguide flute, some ocean wave sounds and a plucked instrument. newage.orc newage.sco


Sort of a techno song. This makes use of some unusual resonant filter techniques. Metal bass passes the resonance portion of the signal through a waveshapping table to add some heavy distortion. Another one uses two resonances tuned 1/5th apart, another tracks the rms of the resonance and uses it to control an FM oscillator, another tracks the rms of the resonance and uses it to control filtered noise. tekbbl.orc tekbbl.sco


Analog Synthesis

rezfiltr.orc rezfiltr.sco

This set of instruments is based on a 2-pole resonant low-pass filter I wrote.

  • Table based filter instrument
  • PWM instrument
  • Distortion filter
  • Filtered Noise
  • Buzz instrument
  • FM Based Rezzy Synth
  • 4 Pole Rezzy
  • 6 Pole Filter
  • Mandelbrot's Snowflake Waveform with 4 Pole Filter
  • Flowsnake Waveform with 4 Pole Filter
  • Saw Ramp Transform
  • Oscillator Sync

Modular Synthesizer

modular.orc modular.sco

Unfortunately this one is sort of a pain to use and keep track of where all those a-channels are going.


  • Simple Trigger
  • Keyboard Trigger
  • Envelope
  • Table LFO
  • VCO
  • VCF
  • VCA
  • Mixer
  • Channel Clear

Drum Machine

A Csound implementation of a Drum Machine drummach.orc drummach.sco

Band Limited Analog

This is the beginning of a composition I've started which makes use of band limited analog like waveforms and a resonant filter. It's tentatively entitled "Temple of Tyria" temple.orc temple.sco

  • LFO
  • Envelope
  • Band Limited PWM
  • Rectangle Wave
  • Sawtooth Wave
  • 2 Oscillator Sawtooth Wave
  • Ramp/Saw Transform (needs work)
  • "Analog" Delay


Waveguide Physical Modeling

physmodl.orc physmodl.sco

These insturments are based on waveguide physical models.

  • Karplus-Strong Algorithm: A csound version of the classic plucked string algorithm.
  • A Waveguide Bass: A waveguide bass implementation.
  • Stinson's Weird String
  • J. O. Smith's Reed Instrument: A waveguide clarinet-like instrument derived from Smith's instrument.
  • Perry Cook's Slide Flute: A waveguide flute based on Perry Cook's instrument.
  • Perry Cook's Clarinet: A waveguide clarinet based on Perry Cook's instrument.
  • Wave Drum1: Bell like tones

Feed-Back Filter

A self oscillating filter based on a waveguide with a limiter. fbfilter.orc fbfilter.sco


Tone Wheel Organ with Rotating speaker effect

Basic Organ without deflectors in the leslie.

rotorlsl.orc rotrolsl.sco

Advanced Organ with deflectors, key click and percussion for use with a MIDI file.

rotormid.orc rotormid.sco rotormid.mid

These are my attempts at simulating the classic Hammond B3 organ sound. The advanced organ is actually getting pretty close to the real thing.

TB303 with Sequencer

tb303.orc tb303.sco

This is my first attempt at simulating the TB303.

Advanced TB303

tb305.orc tb305.sco

I added some controls similar to a real TB. Still does not have slide and accent and the first note of the sequence working properly.


Combo Organ

comborg.orc comborg.sco

A first attempt at a combo organ using addition of band limited square waves.


Fractal Chaos

fractals.orc fractals.sco

These instruments are based on fractals, chaos or related systems.

  • The Lorenz Attractor
  • Duffings System or Cubic Oscillator
  • Planet Orbiting in a Binary Star System
  • The Rossler Attractor
  • K A Oscillator
  • Feather Fractal
  • Simple Chaos 1-5


Parametric Equation Instruments

spirogr.orc spirogr.sco

These instruments are based on the epicycloid and the hypocycloid. These are the shapes generated by the popular game Spirograph. Also included is a Banchoff Klein bottle.

  • Epicycloid Spirograph
  • Hypocycloid Spirograph
  • Banchoff Klein Bottle with rotation

Terrain Mapping Instruments

surface.orc surface.sco


Some simple FOF & Granular Instruments

These instruments are based on granular synthesis.


3D Sound

dopplr.orc dopplr.sco

These instruments are based on doppler effects. To run this score you may wish to download the following sample.hahaha.wav

  • Filtered Noise Left to Right
  • Filtered Noise Right to Left
  • Sample Left to Right
  • Sample Right to Left
  • Buzz with Lorenz orbital doppler effects.
  • Velocity doppler

Gardner Reverbs

gardverb.orc gardverb.sco

These instruments are derived from reverbs developed by Bill Gardner (MIT) and use nested all-pass filters as proposed by Barry Vercoe (MIT).

  • Noise Click
  • Disk Input Mono
  • Disk Input Stereo
  • Band Limited Impulse
  • Simple Sum
  • Feedback Filter
  • Delay
  • Simple All-Pass Filter
  • Nested All-Pass Filter
  • Double Nested All-Pass Filter
  • Output
  • 2D First Echo
  • Small Room Reverb
  • Medium Room Reverb
  • Large Room Reverb
  • Small Room Reverb with input control
  • Medium Room Reverb with input control
  • Large Room Reverb with input control



An Explosion Sound Effect explode.orc explode.sco

Industrial Noise

Industrial noise sound effects industry.orc industry.sco


This instument may be useful in trying out chord progressions or song writting. It "strums" four note chords. strummer.orc strummer.sco

Multi-Effects Processor

multifx.orc multifx1.sco multifx2.sco multifx3.sco

  • 1. Simple Sine Wave
  • 2. Pluck
  • 4. Noise
  • 5. Monosampler
  • 6. Soundin
  • 7. LFO
  • 8. Distortion 2
  • 9. Enhancer
  • 10. Noise Gate
  • 11. Compressor/Limiter/Expander
  • 12. De-esser
  • 13. Tube Amp Distortion
  • 14. Feedback Generator
  • 15. Low Pass Resonant Filter
  • 16. Wah-Wah
  • 17. Talk-Box
  • 18. 3 Band Equalizer
  • 19. Resonator
  • 20. Vibrato
  • 21. Tremelo
  • 22. Pitch Shifter
  • 23. Panner
  • 24. Ring Modulator
  • 30. Flanger
  • 35. Chorus
  • 37. Phasor
  • 40. Stereo Delay
  • 45. Reverb
  • 46. Lyon's Reverb 1
  • 100. Mixer
  • 110. Clear channels