Why Csound?

In Csound, what I learned and developed over 20 years ago, still works, is still valid, and has gotten faster, better sounding, and more interesting. With every improvement in computer technology, the capabilities of my Csound system increase. In Csound, I have access to the most powerful and comprehensive collection of signal processing and synthesis modules. And better yet, I am able to build on my knowledge of the program. The more I know, the more I can do. The very same instrument designs and patches I make on my Macintosh work on my student's PC and my colleague's Linux system. In fact, the same Csound instruments run on any operating system or hardware platform, and most importantly, my Csound instruments are practically guaranteed to still be working 20 years from now.

Csound opens one to new forms of musical expression. The worlds of the composer and sound designer come together. To the audio artist, Csound illuminates the underlying structure of the algorithm, the inner life of the sound. In Csound, the instrument is the synthesizer and the sound is the composition. Like any MIDI box in my actual or virtual studio, I can still play "notes" with the Csound synthesizer, but in Csound the "note" itself can be, and often is, so much more.

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