Making Music with Csound

Csound is unique. It is a production environment in which the structured and organized exploration of a single instrument, the development of a single sound can, and often is, the basis for the most satisfying compositions. Start there. Make a portfolio of short "sound-object" compositions each based on the major synthesis, processing and modeling algorithms in Csound. As you design and explore these instruments, study the theory behind the method. Develop a library of dynamic and organic sounds and textures that you can later reuse and recast in subsequent and much grander soundscapes.

This will not happen overnight. It may take an entire lifetime. But wouldn't that be something? Wouldn't it be great to invest your creative and musical gifts into the study of a musical instrument that continues to enrich and inform you as a musician, that would continue to perform and evolve and get better and better as the technology improves? Well that's Csound!

Where Csound takes you musically, and how you use it in your musical productions is up to you. But the creative energy you put into this synthesizer will continue to pay off and return on the investment. Clearly, there is lasting value in this investment in your self. So, as you venture creatively into the ever-expanding universe of Csound, take it one step at a time. Be systematic in your study and your work. Listen carefully, critically, and honestly to your work. Along the way, as you discover that Csound truly is the world's most powerful and versatile tool for synthesizing and modifying audio, I sincerely hope you come to realize that the most important thing you can do to change the noisy world we live in, is to transform your cool and crazy cSounds into beautiful... magical... and profoundly personal... cMusic.

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