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Suggestions for Further Study

Csound is such a powerful tool that we have touched on only a few of its many features and uses. You are encouraged to take apart the instruments in the tutorials, rebuild them, modify them, and integrate the features of one into the design of another. To understand their capabilities you should compose short etudes with each. You may be surprised to find yourself merging these little studies into the fabric of your first Csound compositions.

There are many sources of information on Csound and software synthesis. The ultimate sourcebook for Csound is The Csound Book: Perspectives in Software Synthesis, Sound Design, Signal Processing, and Programming, edited by Richard Boulanger, and published by MIT Press.

Nothing will increase your understanding more than actually making music with Csound. The best way to discover the full capability of these tools is to create your own music with them. As you negotiate the new and uncharted terrain you will make many discoveries. It is my hope that through Csound you discover as much about music as I have, and that this experience brings you great personal satisfaction and joy.

Richard Boulanger
Boston, Massachusetts USA
March, 1991


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