MacCsound 1.5
[v1.5 : 2010.7.27]
WARNING: MacCsound DOES NOT RUN ON MacOS 10.7 "Lion"!!
Requires MacOS 10.6 or earlier with Rosetta and CsoundLib.framework 5.12.4 (UNIVERSAL VERSION!!) or later installed.
You can the latest compatible version download the latest CsoundLib here

Older Versions

MacCsound 1.3
[v1.3 b4 : 2006.08.07]
MacCsound requires the FULL version (which includes the lib and support files) of Csound5.mpkg PPC (YES, EVEN ON INTEL MACS!!!!!!!)
the latest compatible version is 5.09, available here

MacCsound 1.2[v1.2 a5 : 2005.04.05]

MacCsound [OS9 and OSX version - 2.9MB]
[1.0b2 : 2003.06.17]

MacCsound [1.0.3 : 2003.10.30]
[OSX only, full package with tutorials, no installer - 2.2MB]

MacCsound [1.0.3 : 2003.10.30]
[OSX only, full package installer, no tutorials - 2.6MB]

MacCsound Tutorials and Example Files

CsoundLibX [v4.23f11 : 2004.05.07 ]
[MacOSX version for use with MacCsound 1.0.3]
(Note: csound~ 1.2 is already bundled with this version!)

CsoundLib [v4.23f11 : 2004.05.07 ]
[MacOS9 version for use with csound~ 1.1 and MacCsound 1.0b2]

csound~ [v1.2 : 2004.05.07 : 580k]
OSX version that works with MaxMSP 4.3
includes csound~, CsoundLib 4.23f11, and example patches

csound~ [v1.1 : 1.2MB]
older version that includes OS 9.x and OSX versions of
csound~, CsoundLib 4.23, and example patches

csound~ source code [v1.2 : 32k]
Request for Donatations

To offset my accruing costs I am accepting "development donations".
Any amount really helps out and also ensures the completion of this development while still keeping csound and any related applications completely free!

Traditionally, most Csound development has been funded by academic institutions. I am developing this software on my own time. If your school uses this software, i kindly request that your institution make a development donation.

I am very, VERY grateful to the people who have already contributed:

geof abruzziri, stephen austin, charles baker, alastair bannerman, fernando beltrán blázquez, gregory bossert, richard boulanger, angela cesare, karen chapple, ian clay, james croson, cycling74, chris dechiara, roberto dicorato, fergal dowling, carl edwards, dean engstrom jr, christopher fleeger, noah fields, robert fitzgerald, paul fisher, flavio gaete, alex geddie/le-fresnoy, urs grossenbacher, robert gonsalves, bruce hamilton, joachim heintz, jan jacob hofmann, robert howiler, todd ingalls, herbert isham, hikaru ito, fernando de izuzquiza, rob johnson, tom johnson, peder karlsson, judy klein, lloyd kleist, anthony kozar, akihiro kubota, uwe kuhlmann, e lew, scott lindroth/duke university, john link, stephen mather, peter mcculloch, mike mcferron, john melby, alex mesker, sergio miranda, josé lópez montes, patrick mullen, richard nance, jon nelson/unt, shinobu nemoto, darren nelsen, laurent ostiz, adam overton, samuel pellman/hamilton college, heather perkins, jean piche, robert pietrusko, joel putman, bhob rainey, michael resnick, mark rothstein, javier ruiz, bruno ruviaro, pedro schmitz, marc schwartz, larrt simon, ludo smissaert, scott@soundengine, philip sobolik, erik spjut, marco stroppa, jason thomas, charles turner, david turner, mitchell turner, scotty vercoe, michael wagner, jair-rohm wells, d williams, brian willkie, and keith zinkham.
You can submit a donation online by clicking the paypal icon below:

or you can mail me a donation directly. Please email me for my address.
I can also send invoices upon request.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
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