The 70's - Analog Modular Synthesizers

In many ways, one could visualize all the opcodes in the Csound language as "modules" in a classic analog studio. Some of the newest additions, such as adsr, lfo, vco, and moogvcf make this view even more obvious. If you think of the outputs as named patchcords, then you can see exactly how the simple synthesizer shown in figure 15 literally "patches" the outputs of the lfo, the amplitude envelope, and the filter envelope into the inputs of the vco and moogvcf to dynamically control the amplitude and pulse-width modulation parameters of the oscillator, and the cutoff frequency of the filter.


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Figure 15: Modeling an Analog Modular Synthesizer in Csound.

If you want more filters, oscillators or envelope generators, simply copy and paste them in as shown in figure 16. Just make sure to uniquely name their outputs, to adjust their inputs (knobs) slightly and add (mix) their final results.

Figure 16: Upgrading your Analog Modular Synth with more oscillators and filters.

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