trhighest — Extracts the highest-frequency track from a streaming track input signal.


The trhighest opcode takes an input containg TRACKS pv streaming signals (as generated, for instance by partials) and outputs only the highest track. In addition it outputs two k-rate signals, corresponding to the frequency and amplitude of the highest track signal.


fsig, kfr,kamp trhighest fin1, kscal


fsig -- output pv stream in TRACKS format

kfr -- frequency (in Hz) of the highest-frequency track

kamp -- amplitude of the highest-frequency track

fin -- input pv stream in TRACKS format.

kscal -- amplitude scaling of output.


Example 466. Example

ain inch 1                  ; input signal
fs1,fsi2 pvsifd ain,2048,512,1 ; ifd analysis
fst  partials fs1,fsi2,.003,1,3,500  ; partial tracking
fhi,kfr,kamp trhighest fst,1 ; highest freq-track 
      aout  tradsyn fhi, 1, 1, 1, 1 ; resynthesis of highest frequency
out aout

The example above shows partial tracking of an ifd-analysis signal, extraction of the highest frequency and resynthesis.


Author: Victor Lazzarini;
February 2006

New in Csound5.01