tonex — Emulates a stack of filters using the tone opcode.


tonex is equivalent to a filter consisting of more layers of tone with the same arguments, serially connected. Using a stack of a larger number of filters allows a sharper cutoff. They are faster than using a larger number instances in a Csound orchestra of the old opcodes, because only one initialization and k- cycle are needed at time and the audio loop falls entirely inside the cache memory of processor.


ares tonex  asig, khp [, inumlayer] [, iskip]


inumlayer (optional) -- number of elements in the filter stack. Default value is 4.

iskip (optional, default=0) -- initial disposition of internal data space. Since filtering incorporates a feedback loop of previous output, the initial status of the storage space used is significant. A zero value will clear the space; a non-zero value will allow previous information to remain. The default value is 0.


asig -- input signal

khp -- the response curve's half-power point. Half power is defined as peak power / root 2.

See Also

atonex, resonx


Author: Gabriel Maldonado (adapted by John ffitch)

New in Csound version 3.49