sfplist — Prints a list of all presets of a SoundFont2 (SF2) sample file.


Prints a list of all presets of a previously loaded SoundFont2 (SF2) sample file. These opcodes allow management the sample-structure of SF2 files. In order to understand the usage of these opcodes, the user must have some knowledge of the SF2 format, so a brief description of this format can be found in the SoundFont2 File Format Appendix.


sfplist ifilhandle


ifilhandle -- unique number generated by sfload opcode to be used as an identifier for a SF2 file. Several SF2 files can be loaded and activated at the same time.


sfplist prints a list of all presets of a previously loaded SF2 file to the console.

These opcodes only support the sample structure of SF2 files. The modulator structure of the SoundFont2 format is not supported in Csound. Any modulation or processing to the sample data is left to the Csound user, bypassing all restrictions forced by the SF2 standard.

See Also

sfilist, sfinstr, sfinstrm, sfload, sfpassign, sfplay, sfplaym, sfpreset


Author: Gabriel Maldonado
May 2000

New in Csound Version 4.07