pvsmix — Mix 'seamlessly' two pv signals.


Mix 'seamlessly' two pv signals. This opcode combines the most prominent components of two pvoc streams into a single mixed stream.


fsig pvsmix fsigin1, fsigin2


fsig -- output pv stream

fsigin1 -- input pv stream.

fsigin2 -- input pv stream, which must have same format as fsigin1.

[Warning] Warning

It is unsafe to use the same f-variable for both input and output of pvs opcodes. Using the same one might lead to undefined behavior on some opcodes. Use a different one on the left and right sides of the opcode.


Example 365. Example

fsig1	pvsanal  asig1,1024,256,1024,0  ; pvoc analysis 
fsig2   pvsanal  asig2,1024,256,1024,0  
fsigout	pvsmix  fsig1, fsig2         ; mix signals
aout	pvsynth fsigout              ; pvoc synthesis

Depending on the input, this will transform a pitched sound into an inharmonic, bell-like sound.


Author: Victor Lazzarini
November 2004

New plugin in version 5

Nivember 2004.