oscil1 — Accesses table values by incremental sampling.


Accesses table values by incremental sampling.


kres oscil1 idel, kamp, idur, ifn


idel -- delay in seconds before oscil1 incremental sampling begins.

idur -- duration in seconds to sample through the oscil1 table just once. A zero or negative value will cause all initialization to be skipped.

ifn -- function table number. tablei, oscil1i require the extended guard point.


kamp -- amplitude factor.

oscil1 accesses values by sampling once through the function table at a rate determined by idur. For the first idel seconds, the point of scan will reside at the first location of the table; it will then begin moving through the table at a constant rate, reaching the end in another idur seconds; from that time on (i.e. after idel + idur seconds) it will remain pointing at the last location. Each value obtained from sampling is then multiplied by an amplitude factor kamp before being written into the result.

See Also

table, tablei, table3, oscil1i, osciln