lineto — Generate glissandos starting from a control signal.


Generate glissandos starting from a control signal.


kres lineto ksig, ktime


kres -- Output signal.

ksig -- Input signal.

ktime -- Time length of glissando in seconds.

lineto adds glissando (i.e. straight lines) to a stepped input signal (for example, produced by randh or lpshold). It generates a straight line starting from previous step value, reaching the new step value in ktime seconds. When the new step value is reached, such value is held until a new step occurs. Be sure that ktime argument value is smaller than the time elapsed between two consecutive steps of the original signal, otherwise discontinuities will occur in output signal.

When used together with the output of lpshold it emulates the glissando effect of old analog sequencers.

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Author: Gabriel Maldonado

New in Version 4.13