getcfg — Return Csound settings.


Return various configuration settings in Svalue as a string at init time.


Svalue getcfg iopt


iopt -- The parameter to be returned, can be one of:

  • 1: the maximum length of string variables in characters; this is at least the value of the -+max_str_len command line option - 1

  • 2: the input sound file name (-i), or empty if there is no input file

  • 3: the output sound file name (-o), or empty if there is no output file

  • 4: return "1" if real time audio input or output is being used, and "0" otherwise

  • 5: return "1" if running in beat mode (-t command line option), and "0" otherwise

  • 6: the host operating system name

  • 7: return "1" if a callback function for the chnrecv and chnsend opcodes has been set, and "0" otherwise (which means these opcodes do nothing)


Author: Istvan Varga

New in version 5.02