fin — Read signals from a file at a-rate.


Read signals from a file at a-rate.


fin ifilename, iskipframes, iformat, ain1 [, ain2] [, ain3] [,...]


ifilename -- input file name (can be a string or a handle number generated by fiopen)

iskipframes -- number of frames to skip at the start (every frame contains a sample of each channel)

iformat -- a number specifying the input file format for headerless files. If a header is found, this argument is ignored.

  • 0 - 32 bit floating points without header

  • 1 - 16 bit integers without header


fin (file input) is the complement of fout: it reads a multichannel file to generate audio rate signals. The user must be sure that the number of channels of the input file is the same as the number of ainX arguments.

[Note] Note

Please note that since this opcode generates its output using input parameters (on the right side of the opcode), these variables must be initialized before use, otherwise a 'used before defined' error will occur. You can use the init opcode for this.

See Also

fini, fink


Author: Gabriel Maldonado

New in Csound version 3.56