event_i — Generates a score event from an instrument.


Generates a score event from an instrument.


event_i "scorechar", iinsnum, idelay, idur, [, ip4] [, ip5] [, ...]
event "scorechar", "insname", idelay, idur, [, ip4] [, ip5] [, ...]


scorechar -- A string (in double-quotes) representing the first p-field in a score statement. This is usually e, f, or i.

insname -- A string (in double-quotes) representing a named instrument.

iinsnum -- The instrument to use for the event. This corresponds to the first p-field, p1, in a score statement.

idelay -- When (in seconds) the event will occur from the current performance time. This corresponds to the second p-field, p2, in a score statement.

idur -- How long (in seconds) the event will happen. This corresponds to the third p-field, p3, in a score statement.

ip4, ip5, ... (optional) -- Parameters representing additional p-field in a score statement. It starts with the fourth p-field, p4.


The event is added to the queue at initialisation time.


Written by Istvan Varga.

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