Many thanks to all people that is (or has been) invloved in Csound developement:

Barry Vercoe, John Fitch, Rasmus Ekman, Michael Gogins, David Boothe, Hans Mikelson, Richard Dobson, Nicola Bernardini, Mike Berry, Matt Ingalls, Eli Breder, Richard Karpen, Michael Casey, Victor Lazzarini, Michael Clarke, Allan Lee, Perry Cook, David Macintyre, Sean Costello, Mark Dolson, Peter Neubäcker, Ville Pulkki, Dan Ellis, Marc Resibois, Tom Erbe, Paris Smaragdis, Greg Sullivan, Bill Gardner, Robin Whittle, Jens Groh, Istvan Vargas (is someone missing? Sorry and inform me fast, please).

A special thank to Richard Boulanger, for his constant efforts in spreading and popularizing Csound

Many thanks to the authors of  the open-source libraries used in CsoundAV:

FLTK: Bill Spitzak, Michael Sweet, Craig P. Earls, and all others

Paintlib: Ulrich von Zadow, Meng Bo, Bernard Delmée, Andreas Köpf, Martin Skinner,  Gilles Vollant, Mario Westphal, Roger Willcocks, twosuns GmbH, and others

Ping Loader: Ben Wyatt

gle library: Linas Vepstas

tdlib: Nathan Drew Robins

GLUT: Mark Kilgard

PureData and GEM crew: Miller Puckette, Mark Danks, Johannes M Zmoelnig, Guenter Geiger etc. for giving me inspiration and code of graphical output of CsoundAV

Python and other stuff: Maurizio U. Puxeddu

Many thanks also to the developers of Libtiff, Libjpeg and Libpng

...and thanks a lot to all other guys that I forget to mention!... (I apologize, please inform me of that)