Welcome to my Csound page! This page contains Csound related articles and different instruments and processors, mainly coded in Csound though I'm recently including instruments for other softsynths such as Sync Modular. Please come back often to see my last additions and updates.
Josep M


Last modifications


Added a 512 channel FFT vocoder in the instruments section.


Added a port to Sync Modular of my guitar model. Get it at the Guitarra Place, in the Instruments section.


Added Gong Explorer v2, your deffinitive source of gongs, plates and metallic squeals. Get it at the instruments section (Sync Modular ensemble).


Added my Synthesis Tutorial to the instruments section. Includes GUI for wavetable, simple FM and basic analog modelling synthesis techniques. I used it to complement L.Pavan's tutorial, in my Digital Audio Synthesis lessons at the Mapsad Master (La Salle, Barcelona, june 2002).


Soon to be released my new multieffects unit. A completely graphical device, which can be operated without any previous Csound knowledge. The main goals I commited to when designing it were: flexibility, interactivity and integration of the main Csound processors in an easy to use graphical environment.See the Processors page.

Added a port of S.Costello phased string ensemble, with GUI and some other niceties ;-).

Added an experimental distortion unit (with graphical interface). Hopefully more versatile than the existing distort1 opcode, which was my inspiration. See the Processors page.

Released DirectHammond v2, a faster and more stable version for realtime performance. That should mean much more polyphony (it doubles the polyphony on my machine!) and less latency. Thanks to G. Maldonado and Dave Phillips for their suggestions.

Added DirectHammond, a Hammond+Leslie Csound emulator with GUI, based on Istvan Kaldor's TTW instrument for Sync Modular.

Here it is my first Csound GUI. Of course it is a basic GUI for my 303 emulator. What a crazy afternoon I'm spending yeahh...
Also fixed a bad link (the IR files pack for my Reverb macro)

Added VoxDream, another Sync Modular instrument based on a Csound implementation of a FOF-based male singer. Specifically designed to emulate a Khoomei singer. A Csound port could come soon...

Added a very efficient Sync Modular psychoexciter, based on my Csound instrument, and a bete release of a Direct Convolver unit for Sync Modular to use for variable filtering effects (see Processors).

Wow...jpff, da Master, added my 18dB filter to the Csound sources (from v.4.10). You can now use it by simply calling to the lpf18 opcode. Even better, it now works at kr<sr ! I´ll rewrite my Tb emulator and possibly some other stuff to show its possibilities, by now you can get a zipped orc&sco demo file.

Added my first Sync Modular instrument : Gong explorer, based on S.Costello´s Gong for Csound.

Small fixes on my 18dB filter and a port to Sync Modular.
Now you can turn its knobs :)

Uploaded a version of my 18dB filter which doesn´t make use of table lookup, slower but easier to implement in C and to reuse it...
please visit my Instruments section.

Fixed a number of bad links. Finally uploaded to Csounds.com my Reverb IR´s, as the other server was not reliable enough...
My clarinet is still under some development, as well as the waveguide bore structures.

Just testing the new server. Coming soon : my clarinets and a set of waveguide resonators.

At last, all the Impulse Responses and audio files for my Reverb Macro are available.

Added some guitars. The best one is my Tolonen-Smith guitar II

Fixed bad links in the Analog dream article

Page uploaded for the first time. Why not get these orchestras first...


Reverb macro