Jcn Vocoder

Here you have a simple FFT based vocoder to show what you can do with just 12 lines of dsp code! It makes use of R.Dobson's streaming opcodes and G.Maldonado's vectorial operators. Just set up the command line and the Modulator&Carrier sources before running it. Possibly buggy as I spent an afternoon to code it.


JCN Synthesis Tutorial

A hopefully useful support to your Digital Audio Synthesis lessons! Includes GUIs for wavetable, simple FM and basic analog modelling synthesis techniques


JCM Strings

First version of a classic analog string machine based on S. Costello phased string ensemble. It includes a basic string machine coupled to a morpheable (lowpass-bandpass-highpass) 12dB filter and a Phaser driven by a Lfo. It also includes a nicely saturated reverb (it's not a FDN reverb...the picture is from an older model):)



DirectHammond v1/v2

A Csound port of Istvan Kaldor´s TinyToneWheels for Sync Modular, this is a Hammond emulator with 2 drawbars, scanner, leslie, distortion, delay, echo and much more. The GUI allows you to control every sound parameter and store your favourite settings as presets. Even has a gain detector to automatically adjust the optimum gain for you. You'll need DirectCsound 5.1 at least.

The sample file was generated in realtime with presets 4&2, playing a bit with the controls.

Note: for realtime MIDI input simply replace the -F field with -+K.

New! DirectHammond v2 is a newer optimized version much more suitable for realtime performance. I leave the old code just for the interest of the optimization procedures themselves.

download v2 (to render MIDI files)

download v2 (for realtime playing) download v1 (old code)


VoxDream, a tuvan singer

This Sync Modular instrument emulates a singing male voice using the usual Glottal impulse->Bank of filters approach. It includes different optional sound sources (Band limited pulse, FM and Digital pulse) plus controls and envelopes for the main timbral parameters. You can smoothly morph from bass to tenor voice, morph the vowel and more! It includes a special formant filter to emulate harmonic (khoomei) singing.


Gong Explorer


A pseudophysical model of a Gong with 4 waveguides, a passive scattering matrix and some nonlinear stuff. This is a Sync Modular instrument. I´ll explore its possibilities before planning a Csound version (much faster in a graphical environtment). By now it is not much different from the existing S.Costello´s Csound implementation.

Now Gong Explorer 2 available! 8 waveguides, improved control and excitation, bowed mode and much more!

download instrument download version 2


TB303 filter as Macro


A version of my 3-pole LPF which approximates the tuning and feedback tables with polynomials, thus allowing easy portability and reusability. Not tested its accuracy yet, but it works fine.

download code & files (filter.h macro and sequences)

download Sync Modular implementation of the filter.



An orchestra-based sequencer driving my Tb303 emulator to get those classical arpeggios (with a bit of acid crazyness at the end).... Some delay and reverb added for better effect. Requires 4.06 at least.

Please check my standalone Tb303 instrument as I usually add there any new feature and improvement of the emulator.

download code & files (filter.h macro and sequences)



Shows how to implement the Sync feature in Csound for analog modelling. My first nearly successful attempt.


download code & files

Drum machine


A pure-Csound drum machine (no samples!) to complement my "analog" Bass Line. It promises to be another long term project. By now, only the Handclaps.


download code & files

TB303 bassline emulator

New! a csd file containing a further optimised 303 emulator (working fine at kr=100) making use of the new lpf18 opcode, the score demo and a simple GUI which allows you to choose between pulse, saw and square waves as well as play with the usual controls. Csound Gui rocks!!! (DirectCsound 5.10 or later required)

download file


The most recent features include a complete rewrite of the code (!), a redesign of the 18dB filter and an improved legato mechanism, as well as a better accent. Unlimited polyphony of course, not just 2 tb´s ;-). It is somewhat more aggressive than an old 303 but with appropiate settings the sound is pretty close. Optionally you can work with my Cakewalk pannel to control the knobs, otherwise you can use any hardware-based MIDI controller (ch.1, ctrls 1-fco,2-res,3-envmod,4-decay,5-accent,6-dist,7-pan).

Listen to the mp3 demo! The MIDI file was generated with Keykit&Excel playing with my Cakewalk pannel in realtime. I tried to push the instrument to its limits of register, timbre and response. Of course it no longer resembles a bass line at very high registers, and you can get some clicks with too fast changing controllers.

download code & files

the Guitarra place

A number of Acoustic Guitar models (using commuted waveguide synthesis), a few ones rather realistic but most absolutely weird. All are Midi controlled, and the examples use a nice midi file I got from the Yamaha XG demos. More coming soon, hopefully!

Tolonen-Smith guitar (based on T.Tolonen PhDT., with a body IR kindly provided by Dr. Julius Smith).

Tolonen-Smith guitar II (some tricks to improve the sound, though still very unnatural).Thick reverb added for better effect.

Guitar3 (a really detuned one)

Guitar4 (strong inharmonicities here)

Guitar5 (Gong-like guitar, don´t ask...)

New! Sync Modular implementation. Bowing mode, inharmonicities, plucking point...