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VCS3 / Synthi A:
orc sco An attempt at a realistic emulation of the EMS VCS3 / Synthi A, also known as the 'Putney': 3 Oscillators with variable waveshapes and exponential FM, Filter, Trapezoid [ASD] envelope generator with decay time modulation, Noise generator with tone control, Ring Mod, 2 external [sample] inputs, Joystick, Reverberation, 2 Outputs with pan and tone controls, and a 16x16 Patch Matrix. Modifications include oscillator sync and switchable LFO / audio frequency mode for Oscillator 3. Detailed notes are available here.
Sound Generators:
808HiHat orc sco New: An emulation of the Roland TR-808 drum machine hi-hat cymbal sound. Oscillator frequencies modified from a Nord Modular patch and the original schematics.
ADSR-Exp orc sco ADSR envelope generator with k-rate control of ADR times and S level. Slopes emulate capacitor charge / discharge curves.
ADSR-Lin orc sco As above, except with linear slopes.
Buzz orc sco Simple instrument using gbuzz.
Chant orc sco Native Americans?
FM-Synth orc sco 4 Operator FM. Can be connected in any algorithm.
Harmonics orc sco Generates harmonic sweep using waveshaping.
NoiseSweep orc sco White noise with swept filter.
Sequencer orc sco A simple emulation of an analogue sequencer together with 2 VCOs, VCF and VCA.
Scanner orc sco Random interpolation between wavetables. Based on an idea by Juergen Haible.
Soprano orc sco An attempt at a realistic soprano singing voice.
StepWave orc sco Generates a waveform consisting of 8 randomly shifting levels which can be stepped or interpolated between.
Synth orc sco An emulation of an analogue synthesizer with 2 VCOs, PWM, VCF, Ring Modulator, Glide, 2 LFOs and VCA.
VCO-Pulse orc sco Variable width pulse / square waveform. At least 1000 to 1 mark to space ratio is possible. kr can be less than sr.
VCO-Ramp orc sco Variable symmetry ramp / triangle waveform.
WaveOsc orc sco An oscillator which can read any part of a table and modulate the position at which it is reading. Can produce sync-sweep like sounds amongst other things.
Weird1 orc sco Quantisation hell. I have no idea why this does what it does!
MultiFX orc sco A multi effects system inspired by an orc / sco by Hans Mikelson. To connect more than one output to a single input, use a mixer, otherwise higher numbered instruments will overwrite lower numbered ones.
Crossfade orc sco Crossfades 2 inputs at audio or LFO rates.
RingMod orc sco A dual ring modulator with sweep oscillators. Depth variable from off to AM to full ring modulation.
12VoiceChorus orc sco 12 Voice chorus with stereo outputs.
Ensemble orc sco Stereo 3-phase string machine type BBD ensemble.
LorenzChorus orc sco Chaotic 3-tap chorusing using a lorenz LFO.
RndRampChorus orc sco Chorus with constant rate, random direction ramp LFO.
AnalogEcho orc sco 'Analogue' reverb based on the MN3011 IC.
Multitap orc sco Echo with 8 taps and overall feedback.
Panning Delay orc sco 4-Tap delay with 4 autopans.
StereoDelay orc sco Stereo delay with normal and cross feedback.
PingPong orc sco Stereo 'ping-pong' delay with selectable direction and slope mode.
Animator orc sco Continuously shifting waveshape distortion.
Decimator orc sco Bit depth and sample rate reduction. Grunge!
Function orc sco Mathematical function distortions.
Interpolator orc sco Pseudo sample rate convertor with interpolation.
NonLinear orc sco Dynamic, non-linear distortion using limit, mirror or wrap.
Power orc sco Dynamic power function distortion.
RectiFilter orc sco Lowpass filtering of [+] and highpass filtering of [-] waveform halves.
RndDelete orc sco Randomly deletes wavecycles. Mono in / stereo out.
RndInvert orc sco Randomly inverts wavecycles.
Sample&Hold orc sco Audio rate sample and hold.
Shear orc sco Delays [-] waveform half.
SlewLimiter orc sco Limits the rate of change of an input signal.
Valve orc sco Valve [Tube] distortion / enhancement.
Divider orc sco Inverts alternate wavecycles [wavelets].
SubOctave orc sco Creates 4 sub-octave [sub-harmonic] square waves.
Dynamics orc sco Applies curve stored in table to dynamic level for compression / expansion / gating etc.
EnvelopeCopy orc sco Applies the volume envelope of one sound to another.
Re-Envelope orc sco Remove and replace input envelope.
BoomBox orc sco A stereo bass enhancer inspired by the dbx120.
Width orc sco Stereo width expander with filter to reduce bass loss. Can also compress width to mono.
EnvFilter orc sco AutoWah.
FilterBank orc sco 6 Resonant filters in parallel. An emulation of the SoundMagic FX Filterbank plug-in by Mike Norris for SoundEffects / SoundMaker.
Mutator orc sco An emulation of the Mutronics Mutator, a hardware stereo filter box.
Resonators orc sco Similar to 'FilterBank', but using streson.
StepReson orc sco Sample and hold driven reson filter.
VoiceBox orc sco Random interpolation between the formants of the vowels A, E, I, O and U. Formant frequency and bandwidth information from the Csound manual.
Barberpole orc sco Pseudo continuously rising or falling flanging.
Flanger orc sco Flanger with stereo output.
FlangerXFeed orc sco Flanger with stereo output and cross feedback.
HyperFlanger orc sco 4 Flangers in series, with staggered delays.
StepFlanger orc sco Sample and hold driven flanger.
ThruZero orc sco [Almost!] 'through zero' flanging.
FM orc sco Frequency modulation of the input by an oscillator. Also allows auto-modulation.
FreqShift orc sco A stereo frequency shifter with delayed feedback. Lots of p-fields!
Harmoniser orc sco A stereo harmoniser / pitch shifter with delayed feedback.
Stop orc sco Emulates a record or tape slowing to a stop.
Comparator orc sco Compares 1 input with zero crossing line, or 2 inputs with each other.
Gates orc sco Instantaneous gates.
Logic orc sco AND, NAND and XOR gates.
RhythmGate orc sco Rhythmic gating and enveloping of the input.
CircularPan orc sco Simple 360 degree auto-panning effect using AM rather than HRTF or delays. Can also produce normal auto-panning or tremolo.
SpatialPan orc sco An emulation of the Red Sound Federation BPM FX Pro's spatial panning.
Sample Process:
2WaySplicer orc sco Switches between 2 inputs when waveforms are similar to within specified number of bits.
4WaySplicer orc sco As above, except with 4 inputs.
SampleScan orc sco Random crossfading between 8 inputs.
Shuffler orc sco Divides an input sample into N equal slices then replays in random order.
Slicer orc sco
VectorMix orc sco X-Y mixing of 4 inputs using 2 LFOs, as can be done with the Korg Wavestation.
Test orc sco A test tone generator with exponential or linear frequency sweep.
DUY Shape orc sco An emulation of the DUY Shape ProTools™ plugin. Splits input into 3 frequency bands then applies different waveshaping to each band.
WaveShaper1 orc sco Non-linear amplification. A wide range of transfer curves are supplied. In addition, 2 tables can be combined [with variable balance] to increase the variety of curves available. Can produce a wide range of effects from distortion to quantisation and rectification [but mostly distortion!].
WaveShaper2 orc sco Dynamic, random crossfading between 8 transfer curves.
Csound sit zip All the above files collected into an 139k sit or 83k zip archive.
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