Dr. Richard Boulanger Music

Selected Radio Baton Compositions

– Composition for Solo Radio Baton (Richard Boulanger – Baton)

– Composition for Radio Baton & Voice (Maureen Chowning – Soprano)

– Composition for Radio Baton & Violin (Janos Négyesy – Mathews Violin)

– Composition for Radio Baton & Clarinet (E. Michael Richards – Clarinet)

– Composition for Two Radio Batons (Max Mathews – Baton1)

– Composition for Radio Baton & Chamber Ensemble (Arizona State Univ)

(Arthur Weisberg – Conductor)

– Composition for Radio Baton & Symphony Orchestra (Stanford Symphony)

(Max Mathews – Radio Baton)

(Richard Boulanger – MIDI Glove)

Radio Baton Performances – Quicktime Movies

– Solo Radio Baton Performance (Richard Boulanger – Baton)

(Smaragdis Max-based Improv Software)

– Radio Baton and Violin Performance (Janos Négyesy – Mathews E’Violin)

(Richard Boulanger – Mathews-Boie RadioDrum)

– Radio Baton and Orchestra Performance (Hamilton Symphony Orchestra)

(E. Michael Richards Conducting)

ElectroAcoustic Compositions

– Composition for Clarinet, Tape & Prepared Piano

(E. Michael Richards – Clarinet)

– Composition for The Mathews Electronic Violin (Janos Négyesy)

Csound & DSP Compositions

– Software Synthesis Work (no samples)

(mp3 – 6.6MB)

– A DSP-Based Composition (sample processing)

A Very Special Acoustic Composition

– Adam’s Lullabies (Slawomir Zbudzjski – Piano)