Dr. Max Mathews

Max Mathews - 1998

Max Mathews – 1998

The ‘Father of Computer Music’ — November 13, 1926 – April 21, 2011

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Wisdom From Max:

“Early computers could not do real-time performance – they took many seconds to compute a single second of sound. But today, real-time performance is possible; and practical real-time programming is a big part of this book. Thus, laptops can join with chamber groups and orchestras and thereby add rich new timbres to the already beautiful timbres of acoustic instruments.

What now is the musical challenge of the future? I believe it is the limits in our understanding of the human brain; and specifically knowing what sound waves, sound patterns, timbres and sequences that humans recognize as beautiful and meaningful music – and why!”

– Max Mathews, from the Introduction to the Audio Programming Book – Click here to read the entire introduction

Donations in Max’s memory can be sent to:

Tricia Schroeter, CCRMA / Music, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305.

They will be used for permanent display of his work at the Center. https://ccrma.stanford.edu/