Dr. Richard Boulanger, MIT Press and cSounds.com
present The Second Printing of:

The Csound Book
Perspectives in Software Synthesis, Sound Design,
Signal Processing and Programming.

Edited by Richard Boulanger
Foreword by Barry Vercoe
Preface by Max Mathews

740 pages, 32 Text Chapters
45 CD-ROM Chapters
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comments about the book
"This is the most important book written in
the last decade in the field of electronic music.
Together with the new Csound technology,
it will revolutionize electronic music."
       Max Mathews, CCRMA, Stanford University

"Written for the technically astute, The Csound Book
and its accompanying CD-ROMs provide a vast resource
for seasoned Csound users to expand their usage of
the language. With its numerous examples and tutorials,
this tome also makes Csound more accessible to a new
generation of more musically oriented individuals.
As such, it marks a potential turning point in the
field of computer music. This is an important text."
       Marcia Bauman, IDEAMA, CCRMA,
       Stanford University
"This book provides both a theoretical introduction
and practical hints to use Csound and tailor it to
the reader's own needs. It is an excellent tutorial
and much more, since a host of distinguished
contributors make their own developments available.
I look forward myself to developing my own sonic and
musical tools with The Csound Book."
       Jean-Claude Risset, Composer, Directeur
       de recherche, Laboratoire de Mecanique et
       d'Acoustique of CNRS, Marseilles

"Barry Vercoe's Csound is one of the major
contributions to music-making in our time.
The Csound Book, with its wealth of information
and lore, is now the essential guide for students
and professionals to this ever-expanding invaluable
       Richard Karpen, Director of CARTAH,
       University of Washington, Seattle
Book/CD-ROM Contributors
Some of the world's best and most important Sound Designers, Artists, Programmers and Teachers:

Bill Alves, Stephen Beck, Mike Berry, Riccardo Bianchini, Kim Cascone, Michael Clarke, Richard Dobson, Archer Endrich, John ffitch, Rajmil Fischman, Michael Goggins, Matt Ingalls, Richard Karpen, Eric Lyon, Gabriel Maldonado, Hans Mikelson, Jon Nelson, Dave Phillips, Jean Piché, Russell Pinkston, Paris Smaragdis, Erik Spjut, Barry Vercoe, Scotty Vercoe.
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