blue 2.5.0

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce a new release of Blue is now available at:

This release is primarily an update to support using the Csound 6 API from Blue, as well as a number of bug fixes. ChangeLog is listed below.

Note: Blue is still able to run with the Csound 5 API, but can only support one or the other at runtime. If you have both but want to stick to using the Csound 5 API, you will need to modify blue/etc/blue.conf to add “-J-DDISABLE_CSOUND6=true” to the default_options there. I also found that the current Java interface for Windows (6.00.1) does not work: it will load but will cause errors if you try to use it. The bug has been reported and I’m also investigating. Until then, you should use the above flag to disable Csound 6.



>Notes for 2.5.0<
[released 2013.08.12]


* Java 7 now required for Blue (Netbeans RCP library that Blue uses has
updated to it)

* Render service system reimplemented:

* Added support for Csound6 API. If Csound6 is found, user gets option for
CS6 or Commandline. If CS6 is not found, Blue will check if CS5 is
available. If it is, user will get that option, or only have option for
Commandline runner. Additionally, user can add -J-DDISABLE_CSOUND6=true in
blue/etc/blue.conf to disable CS6 API usage and allow CS5 option.

* Service selection is now done in Program Options under Realtime and Disk
Render settings.

* The “Use API” button has been removed from the application menu and General

* Bug #82 (issue with auditioning causing crashes) should now be fixed

* Manual entries updated for Installation and Program Options

* Added Steven Yi’s “TimeSphere” to the examples/pieces/stevenYi folder


* SoundObject Library: When removing a library item, dialog now asks users to
confirm action. If confirmed, all Instances of the SoundObject will be
removed from the Score and SoundObjectLibrary.

* On Mac, fixed default csound command for Utility and DiskRender settings to be
“/usr/local/bin/csound” instead of “csound”

* UDO Import Dialog for importing from UDO Repository on was
throwing a NullPointerException when opened from a Dialog (i.e. Effects
Library Dialog)

* Bug #84 – Fixed Zak LineObject to allow using 0 for channel