blue 2.3.1

blue 2.3.1

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce that blue 2.3.1 is now available at:

This release features a new text editor for coding, based on Netbeans Editor library. I have replaced the older text editor with one that is much more feature-ful. It has a much nicer code completion and now shows Opcode documentation within a popup window while coding:

Users can now change the font sizes, what font is used, colors, tab sizes, etc. The editor also has line numbers and can be zoomed in using alt mouse-wheel on a temporary basis (in case your eyes are getting tired. :) ). I have also updated the default color theme for blue.

Besides that, there are a few bug fixes. ChangeLog is below.

Thanks and Enjoy!

>Notes for 2.3.1<
[released 2012.12.12]


* Replaced existing code editor with one based on Netbeans Editor Library

* Editor provides much nicer code completion and opcode documentation shows in the application (Csound Manual now included with blue)

* Fonts and Colors for code editor are configurable, as well as many other settings (i.e. tab size, spaces to insert for soft tabs), settings available in ProgramOptions

* Text can be zoomed in using alt+mouse scrolling

* Csound Orc Code

* All Code Completion is now done through ctrl-space (cmd-space on Mac); this includes opcode completion, variable name matches, and BSB Widget names

* Code Editors that have been replaced: GenericScore, BlueSynthBuilder, Effects Editor, User-Defined Opcode Editor, Global Orchestra (incl. tabs within instrument editors)

* Csound Score Code

* Code Editors that have been replaced: Global Score (incl. tabs within instrument editors), GenericScore

* Python Code

* Code Editors that have been replaced: PythonObject, Python Instrument

* Javascript Code

* Code Editors that have been replaced: RhinoObject, Rhino Instrument


* Now packaging Csound Manual together with blue, for use with new editor’s code completion to show opcode information while coding

* Removed Csound Manual Documentation Root option in Program Options

* Removed old text color settings panel

* Removed Help button on main toolbar as it was redundant to Csound Manual options in Help Menu


* Render time pointer was being rendered when switching projects for the projects that were not the currently rendering project

* When rendering with API, automation values were always starting from time 0; adjusted current time calculation

* Bug 3591867 – Fixed issue with JMask Segment modifying its points after each render

* Fixed intermittent issue with layer operations on Score; moved execution of Process on Load SoundObjects to separate thread when loading to prevent long-running operation on Swing dispatch thread