3rd Release of Csound Floss Manual

3rd Release of Csound Floss Manual

the third release of the csound floss manual is out at

there is a lot of new stuff in it. see below the “what’s new” in detail. thanks goes to all contributors, and in particular to alexandre abrioux for his diligent proof reading.

all the csd example files (nearly 250 now) and audio samples can be downloaded here:


they will also be included in the next release of csoundqt.

alex hofmann will push a printed version at lulu.com in a short time.

please let us know any bugs, errata and suggestions.

enjoy -

joachim and iain


New chapters:
03E ARRAYS (Tarmo Johannes, Joachim Heintz)
04H SCANNED SYNTHESIS (Christopher Saunders)
12B PYTHON INSIDE CSOUND (Andrés Cabrera, Joachim Heintz)
12C PYTHON IN CSOUNDQT (Tarmo Johannes, Joachim Heintz)

Revised chapters:
02A MAKE CSOUND RUN: Updated section about Windows install (Jim Aikin) and new sections about Csound on Android and iOS (Jacques Laplat)
03A INITIALIZATION AND PERFORMANCE PASS has completely been rewritten (Joachim Heintz)
04A ADDITIVE SYNTHESIS has been expanded (Iain McCurdy, Bjørn Houdorf)
05B PANNING AND SPATIALIZATION now contains descriptions about multi-channel audio in Csound in general, and VBAP and Ambisonics in particular (Iain McCurdy, Joachim Heintz)
10A CSOUNDQT now contains a description of the options and choices in CsoundQt’s Configure Panel (Peiman Khosravi, Joachim Heintz)
10D CABBAGE has been updated and covers now some of the exciting new developments (Rory Walsh)
12A THE CSOUND API has been revised and extended (Francois Pinot)
The OPCODE GUIDE has been updated (Iain McCurdy)
The METHODS OF WRITING CSOUND SCORES now contain a description of Pysco (Jacob Joaquin)

General additions and changes:
The code examples now also carry some (hopefully) meaningful names in addition to the numbers.
Many improvements to existing examples have been made by Iain McCurdy.